In a post-apocalyptic world a man seeks redemption in the City of Blood. Then as far as description of script — Blade Runner meets Sin City

Also script is set up for a sequel as well as merch opportunities,– a calender Ladies of Blade and Blood as well as shirts etc and a video game design if success reaches high enough

Investiment Opportunities – Be a part of the next Legend


More Feature Scripts —
Blade and Blood — (Already sent)
Lonesome Hill — A man locked within the demons of his past must forge a tomorrow to survive.(Western)
The Wolf, the Raven and the Hawk — On a future Earth where most of the Planet is covered in radiation heroes must rise to stop the chaos of a mad man. (Sci fi)
Billy Rockstar — A rising Rockstar struggling with the a demon who has haunted his life. (Supernatural thriller)
Half Finished Scripts —
Embers & Ash — The last of the superheros must fight in an ever darkening world.(Dark Superhero world in vein of The Watchman)
Death, A Door.  Night, Eternal — A man, a serial killer and the victims he killed all locked in battle in Purgatory.  (Horror)
Aces & Spades — Two Love gurus fight it out to find a billionaire love.  (Raunchy Comedy)
Two Deeds Past a Dead Man’s Corner — A young man finds his world is not all it seems as his real father shows up and unleashes chaos (Action Comedy)
35 more scripts outlined — all genres